Objects are big stars in the Atelier Extraordinaire, especially all those objects that are part of our daily routines.

I work in batches of between 20 and 30 pieces, mostly unique pieces. I obtain the basic shapes from the work on the lathe and finish them by hand.

In all my lots there is a big part of improvisation and dialogue with the forms, I look for the expressions that are most adapted to the objects and their uses and I try to obtain different sensations.

It is important for me to take care of all the parts of the process, from the design of the piece, to the firing of the enamel. In the Atelier Extraordinaire the urgency is not attended to and every piece and every stage of its creation is pampered equally.


With my work in ceramics I try to move away from the industrial, serial and impersonal object, that is why, in addition to my own collections, I make personalized orders that adapt to the routines and preferences of the person who is going to use these objects.

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