The Atelier Extraordinary

An everyday place is a home, a garden and a workshop. It is a space for routines, play and small rituals, for the earthly and for the fantastic. It is an oasis far from haste and urgency.

Here, method is as important as raving, techniques such as chance, impulse and contemplation, clay and graphite, croquettes and wine. The extraordinary thing about this atelier happens when you least expect it, but always when the hands work and the head comes, goes and dreams. My stories generate both mute dialogues and sonorous battles. Sound but tiny, tiny but valuable.

Imperfection does not exist as a tare, but as a memory, as an imprint and dna, as a carefree moment, as an absent-mindedness and as a saint to heaven. Exclusivity here is synonymous with affection, attention to detail, genuine and unrepeatable moments.

The Atelier Extraordinaire is a real and imaginary place that communicates with the outside world from the intimacy of everyday objects and from the traces that describe the most anodyne events. And I am Mary, meticulous and absent-minded, in between various trades and with no other pretension than to provoke smiles that are accomplices of those small encounters that can change our day.